What’s this site for?
This website is an online archive of a newspaper that was printed from 1988 to 1992, years before the Internet became open to the public in 1995. The publisher of Western Front News believes it’s important for historical printed archives to be made digitally available for the public at large, students, scholars, and fans alike. In this digital age, sometimes we don’t realize that there are hundreds of years of historical data and insight in printed books, magazines, and journals that have never been put online and made discoverable by current generations. This site represents one tiny fraction of a percent of that pre-Internet-age history.

For more history of Western Front News, visit the About page.

Why is the news so outdated?
Western Front News was published from 1988 to 1992. This site is only an archive of the contents of the newspapers printed in that era.

Who’s behind this site?
Mark Bult was the publisher and editor of Western Front News in its print format, and he is also responsible for putting the archive online. He puts new (old) articles online sporadically, in his spare time, when he has an hour or two to spare between other side projects, his full-time job, and spending time with his family.

Does the site make money?
Nope. It’s a labor of love.

I wrote/photographed/sold ads for/[insert whatever here] Western Front News back in the day. How can I get in touch?
Mark Bult would very much like to hear from you and credit you for your efforts! Please see the email link on www.about.me/markbult/.

You’re using one of my photos on your site.
We typically use three kinds of pictures:

  • Photographs that have been made available under a Creative Commons license, typically found on a site like Flickr.
  • Photos from the Western Front News photo archive, which were generally made available by the record companies, publicists, and the like, back in the 1988–1992 era.
  • Photos that were shot by Western Front News staff and contributing photographers in 1988–1992.

We try very hard to credit appropriately. If you would like your photo removed, please contact Mark Bult at the email link on www.about.me/markbult/.

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