Steven Adler claims former bandmates cheated him out of his fair share of royalties

Former Guns ’N’ Roses drummer Steven Adler’s suit against the band, its management, and attorneys, charges that Adler was tricked into agreeing to leave the band and to giving up his share of music royalties and live performance payment.

The suit, filed in late July in Los Angeles Superior Court, also claims that “the other members of the band consistently supplied Adler with heroin and encouraged his continual use of the drug.”

The suit charges that the band’s then manager Alan Niven and current manager Doug Goldstein “knew and encouraged the use of such drugs.”

Adler, who seeks unspecified damages for charges including defamation, fraud, and misrepresentation, charges that he was cheated out of his 15 percent interest in the band when he was convinced to sign a 12-page document that effectively removed him from the band. Adler claims that he did not read the document and signed it on the advice of his managers.

The band “knew that Adler believed that he was retaining a right to perform with the band and that he would be justly compensated therefor.”

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